You are here to know how transparent we are….! we are going to list it out in bullet points below.

  • We stock fast selling items only.
  • We procure productsin an on-demand basis from our suppliers which are not in stock with us. But available with suppliers.
  • Our In Stock info on product detail page = our  inventory + suppliers combined.
  • Some times, products will be out of stock in our inventory and at suppliers end. In such case, you either get your money(full refund of that item(s) value) back (100% guranteed) or replacement for the same value at no extra charge.
  • If we get doubts with the order(s) you have placed, we would call you to confirm. Please provide us the number which can be reached.
  • If you have any question(s) or doubt(s), call us immediately at +91 94446 38686
  • some times, we deliver the order in multiple deliveries. This is due to unavailability of certain products.
  • For all Cash On Delivery, we use India Post. In chennai, at times, we may deliver by ourselves.

Note: This page will get updated frequently. Last Updated May 5, 2012 20:03