International Shipping


If you are living outside India, and you want to buy Tamil books… you are in right place.  Yes. We are shipping Tamil Books to International Location. Below are the procedure you need to know in getting your books.

International Shipment Step-by-Step procedure

  • Send us the list of books to
  • We will update you with Price, Packing & shipment charges.
  • Provide us your Valid ID & address proof document for our internal record along with your Name, Address of delivery, Phone / Mobile number.
  • Make the Wire-transfer to our Bank account in India in INR.
  • Once payment is realized, we post it through the shipper you have selected.
  • We provide you tracking number for the same as given by our shipment provider
  • You will receive the book within 2 weeks depending on the distance.

International Shipment FAQ

  • How do we ship?
    • You can select which shipper you want to use – Fedex / TNT / India Post / DHL. By default, we use India Post – Air Mail or Surface Air Lifted for all shipments.
  • How are shipping rates calculated?
    • Shipping rates are calculated based on Weight.  Sometimes, based on Volumetric Weight of the package if it occupies big space.
  • Do handles packing?
    • No. We do not pack for International Shipment. As it involves inspection, we tend to give it to the shipment provider.
  • How to place order?
    • We accept orders by E-Mail only. Send us the list of books and we will update you based on the rates, shipping & packaging charges.
  • How do i Pay?
    • You need to Wire-Transfer to our Bank Accounts in Indian Currency (INR).
  • Can I pay through Paypal?
    • We do not accept payment through Paypal.
  • Do I need to provide ID & Address proof ?
    • Yes. You have to provide your ID & address proof for our verification. This is needed for our Internal records w.r.t to Payments & Shipments.
  • How long will it take to receive the order?
    • For India Post – Airmail – 15 days
    • For India Post – SAL – 15-30 days
    • For India Post – SpeedPost – Less than 7 days
  • How are order total is calculated?
    • Order total  = Books Price + Packing charges + Shipment charges
    • No other service charges are levied.
  • Do I get any Discounts on the total charges?
    • Yes.  Flat 10% discount on the Books total price. In case the ordered books are already in sale or offer while placing an order,their sale price won’t be considered. We’ll consider the original cost of the books since we are giving 10% flat discount.
  • What is the minimum and maximum no. of books that I can order?
    • It depends on the total weight. Certain destinations have limit of upto 10Kg.
    • Minimum shipment charges range from 400-500 INR for 1Kg
    • The more no. of books leads to more weights and their by reduce your cost for shipment.
  • what is the minimum order value?
    • you can decide on it. However, if you order above 1000 INR or more, you will save lot more money.
  • Will I get Free International Shipping for any order value?
    • At present, we do not offer Free International Shipping  for any order value.
  • How long it will take to process the order?
    • From the date of your order placement, it can take 1-2 weeks for order process (order placement, payment realization, ID & address proof validation ). we make sure we ship as soon as possible.
  • Should I have to pay Customs Duties / Import taxes?
    • Customs policies vary from country to country.
    • Orders to international destination may be subjected to custom duties or import taxes. In such cases, the you are responsible for getting the customs clearance. There may be charges which should be bound by you.
    • Please contact your local customs officer for more information.
    • There may be delay in delivery which is beyond our control.
  • Do I need to pay any advance amount for processing the order?
    • It depends on the order value. If there is a request for advance payment for processing the order, please proceed with the help from our representative.  Please make payment to our bank accounts only.
  • Can I return the book and get a replacement?
    • International shipments are very expensive. Hence we do not provide returns / replacements.
  • What if the book i received is damaged or of bad quality?
    • We ensure that the books we send are of good quality. However, it can get damaged in-transit because of the handling of goods by the transporters. They are beyond our control.

Last Updated: 28 May 2012

 Note: This page’s content will undergo changes now and then as we learn through the International Shipment.